About Reading Rock Russell, LLC

Reading Rock Russell, LLC, the acknowledged leader in architectural Cast Stone today, has pioneered Cast Stone with success since 1921.

The company’s progress and growth are the direct result of the exceptional customer service and the quality Cast Stone products supplied to architects and builders over many years.

W.N. Russell & Company was started by William N. Russell who was the President from 1921-1970. William N. Russell, Jr. took over the presidency in 1970. William N. Russell, III took over the daily operations in 1983. After many years of growth, the company was destroyed by “Hurricane Floyd” in 1999. All of the assets were destroyed and financing was not available to build a new plant.

Continental Cast Stone Manufacturing, Inc. from Kansas partnered with William N. Russell, III to build a new plant, Continental Cast Stone East by Russell, Inc., which opened in November 2000. Then in April 2016, William N. Russell purchased the plant and took over operations of Russell Cast Stone, Inc.

The next phase began in July, 2018 when an affiliate of Reading Rock, Inc. purchased the New Jersey company to support the north eastern market with the most comprehensive group of RockCast architectural stone products.  Production and planning have been expanded to the West Berlin, New Jersey facility.

Because of its versatility of form, color and texture, Cast Stone offers the architect a superior ornamentation medium. Essentially dignified, Cast Stone can be used to carry out either modern or classical forms with equal facility. Aesthetically, its advantage is the almost limitless variety of rich colors and natural textures which it makes available to the architect.

Consistently pleasing results can be obtained by using Cast Stone in its own character, resembling a good grade limestone, or by using it to match the color of brick, mortar, terra cotta or to simulate perfectly many expensive natural cut stones including limestone, brownstone, sandstone, granite, bluestone and slate. The ability for Cast Stone to replicate deteriorating natural stone on existing buildings makes it an ideal facing material for the remodeling or restoring of old structures. Close color control, either for unmarred uniformity of appearance or for decorative chromatic variations, can be delivered at the will of the designer. The wide choice of standard and custom colors and textures available gives the architect a high degree of design freedom.

Cast Stone is considerably more than just a mold or precast concrete. It is a combination of beautiful color and texture, modern or traditional. It is the end product of in-depth knowledge and many architectural styles. It is the result of an exemplary production facility. And, last but not least, it is the extraordinary competency of the rare breed of craftsmen who have labored for so long to perfect their varied and specialized techniques and skills.

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