Cast Stone Lintel

Lintels may be reinforced and made to bear on the wall or they may be supported by a shelf angle. The relation of the angle with the bottom or top of brick joint determines if checkouts are required at the bottom of the lintel and headstone.

If the bottom of the angle is in line with the top of the joint, then a checkout is required. When the bottom of the angle is at the bottom of the brick joint, the stone will rest on top of the angle. No checkout is required when using a 5/16″ or 3/8″ thick angle.

The details explain that overall dimensions must match brick coursing. Brick coursing tables should be used to determine height of sills. Position of angle as explained above also affects the sill height as sash dimensions are figured from the bottom of the angle.

Anchor slots are provided in the tops of headstones and band stones for anchoring stones to the wall. Where 1″+ projections occur, water drips are provided to stop rain water from running down the sash and face walls. This prevents staining of the walls.

The majority of conventional masonry details are similarly used in metal stud walls. A continuous slot is cast in tops of stone for anchoring. This facilitates alignment of 1/8″ x 1″ wide stainless steel anchor strap to studs.

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