Cast Stone Tolerances

Here in the conference room of Russell Cast Stone, Inc. architects and contractors discuss projects quietly at their convenience. Our estimating department provides prompt, reliable estimates on all projects.

Of primary importance is the drafting department. All drawings are created electronically using the latest CAD software. An architect’s Cast Stone drawings are detailed and reduced to units of a size easily handled in the shop and on location. Each piece is numbered according to a master plan.

Here experienced patternmakers follow the drawings so that the fine detail in delicate ornamentation is reproduced faithfully. The simplest sill, no less than a decorative finial, demands accuracy in the wood pattern. The final product must fit the master plan exactly.

The mix is placed into a sturdy, reinforced mould, then vibro-tamped by machine. Every detail is observed in the production process and an extraordinary degree of density is achieved. A superior Cast Stone is the natural result of the painstaking care lavished throughout every step of manufacture. During this process each stone is tagged with a unique project-specific barcode label for inventory tracking.

After a proprietary direct-fired hot steam curing process, under the presence of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, every piece of Cast Stone is carefully examined by quality control inspectors before being approved for shipment. Each piece is annotated with its own location number on the master plan.

All the aggregates used in the manufacturing of Cast Stone are washed, screened, graded and tested at the quarry. Exact amounts of every ingredient are weighed by computer controlled scales for each batch. Test samples show a comfortable margin of compression strength over minimum requirements and an absorption far below the minimum requirements.

Special mixers turn and grind the mass until every particle of aggregate is completely surrounded by Portland cement. Mineral oxides are added to achieve the desired color. Water content is regularly measured to keep the water-cement ratio as low as possible; thereby increasing the hardness and durability of the Cast Stone.

After the stones are cured and quality checked they are scanned into our state-of-the-art production database for inventory tracking. Each pallet of stone is then securely wrapped and stored onsite until the customer is ready for delivery.


Trucks and trailers keep the jobs moving so that contractor does not wait for delivery. Our production schedules mesh expertly with the contractor’s needs so that product is ready when the contractor needs it.


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