Window Surround – Sill, Jambs and Headstone

Window Surround

Window Sill and Head Band

Window surrounds are figured to match brick coursing for height. Height of the sill is determined from the height of window and brick coursing.

Jamb stones may be made in one piece or two pieces as detailed below. The window height determines the quantity of pieces and location of joints in the jamb stones. Length of jamb stones should generally not exceed 6’0″ for economy.

Head stones may be made for setting on the angle, or with a checkout to fit flush with the bottom of the angle.



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Window Sills, Jambs and Headstone

Window Sills, Jambs and Headstone

This type window trim often used in school and industrial buildings is shown with a through sill. The inside face of this sill is finished and may be left exposed or painted over to match the wall finish.

Where columns occur checkouts are provided; clearances of 1/2″ on each side and 3/8″ on the face side of the column are standard dimensions.

The position of the steel beam at the head section allows the use of eye bolts and dowels at each joint. End head pieces are made with hooks cast in; eye bolts or J-bolts are fastened to this hook and bolted to the steel beam.

See hook details in Ashlar (Ashlar Facing Anchors and Anchoring of Ashlar Above Windows), and more in Anchor Hooks, Lifting Hooks and Inserts


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